Rodent Odour Control - Make sure you don't smell a rat

Rodent Odour Control Service: a unique, new way to mask the odour of rodents, both alive and dead. This new service uses specially-developed Ambius scenting cubes to conceal the smells associated with rodent activity, particularly the stench given off by a dead rat or mouse trapped in an inaccessible location, such as a cavity wall or under floorboards.

Rodents that are eliminated as a result of pest control measures can sometimes die in concealed, hard-to-access spaces, leading to unpleasant odours for several weeks as they decompose. Rodent Odour Control effectively masks these smells, meaning minimal disruption for the premises involved and less risk of the bad smells upsetting people living, working or visiting these premises.

Rodents can take several weeks to decompose

The discreet Ambius cube with Premium Scenting by AirQ in positioned in the area affected by the pest problem at the start of the rodent riddance work, and is then removed at a suitable time after the treatment is completed. Unlike most commercial air fresheners, scent emitted from the Ambius cube behaves like a vapour and remains in the air for up to four hours at a time.

David Cross, head of technical training, Rentokil Pest Control, comments: "One of the risk of carrying out rodent control is that, when the rat or mouse consumes the rodenticide it may end up dying within a cavity of the customer's building, resulting in bad odours as it decomposes. It can be difficult to locate a dead rodent without cutting holes in walls or lifting floorboards, which is very disruptive, expensive and at times impossible."

For more information on how our Rodent Odour Control Service can help mask unpleasant odours whilst a rodent infestation is being treated or for a free site survey of your property if you think you may have a rodent problem call us on 0800 917 1989.