Halloween Spooky Facts a Rodent Nightmare Infographic

Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve - that time of the year as the nights draw in and we reflect on all things spooky. Tales of ghosts, ghouls, vampire bats and the nightmares that rodents can cause, when they start to move out of the cold night and into your home. Mice can squeeze through vents, under gaps in doors and through tiny cracks to find shelter and food. Rats can swim up damaged sewers and gnaw away at gaps to enlarge them enough to slip through.

Rodents are most active between dusk and dawn, so the scratching and scurrying you might hear at night may not be the Halloween ghouls at play after all - but the nocturnal activities of rats or mice. See our Halloween inspired infographic below, which highlights some of the eerie but true facts about these adaptable pests:

Rodent Nightmares Infographic

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