Rentokil's Heat Pod family has expanded to eliminate more insect pests

Eliminating pest insects using Rentokil’s chemical free heat treatment has been so successful that the Heat Pod family has had to expand.

Heat treatment eliminates all types of insect pests (from bed bugs and moths to a variety of stored product insects) through the controlled application of dry heat. Rentokil have now developed two additional variants of this effective treatment, which have both been designed to adapt to individual customer’s specific requirements. These now allow even more flexibility in where Heat Pod treatments can be completed and what materials and structures can be heat treated.

Mini Heat Pod - the first addition to the family is the Mini Heat Pod, which is simply the ‘original model’ reduced in size. This has been scaled down to 6ft wide x 6ft tall x 8ft long, allowing Rentokil to utilize it to treat items such as mattresses, furniture, fabrics and soft furnishings, infested with bed bugs, textile pests and other insects. The mini size allows the system to be set up swiftly in smaller, more confined spaces like bedrooms and small living rooms.

Flexible Heat Pod - the second addition to the family is the Flexible Heat Pod which, as the name suggests, is flexible in it's construction. This allows Rentokil to treat items that vary in size and shape. This flexible version has been primarily designed to treat irregular shaped items, such as bakery machinery and process equipment which would otherwise not fit in the standard treatment area.

Both the new mini and the flexible treatment systems work in exactly the same effective way as the original Heat Pod. The process kills all stages of an insect's lifecycle, from egg to adult, through the targeted application of heat, making it a cost effective way to deal with insect infestations. As the process is chemical free, treated items can be re-used afterwards with no residual side effects.

The family of Heat Pods have been designed by Rentokil to be quick to set up within a customer's premises, offering the ease and convenience of treating insect infested items on site. This allows quicker treatment and eliminates the risk of any items being damaged when taken off site. To download the Heat Pod pdf leaflet please click on the brochure image.

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