Rentokil exclude flying insects from The Finch's Arms

The Finch's Arms is a 17th century English country inn, tucked away in the heart of the Hambleton peninsula on Rutland water. It’s beamed ceilings, cask ales, elegant garden room and terrace with magnificent views over the water is a perfect place to relax. The food at The Finch's Arms draws in thousands of diners each year. Head chef, Mark Gough has created a selection of mouth-watering menus using fresh local and seasonal produce. Mark uses only top quality ingredients, with his core values centred on high quality food and excellent customer service.

A large part of delivering this quality and excellent service rests on having effective pest control measures in place. One of the key roles of the head chef is ensuring that all kitchen areas are organised, clean, hygienic and free from pests including flying insects. Mark commented: “It’s important to me that all of the food that leaves my kitchen is top quality, and free from contamination. Because of this importance on top quality and customer satisfaction we wanted the best form of flying insect control to protect our premises, which is why we purchased Rentokils’ Luminos 3 Plus fly control unit”.

This has been designed to deliver enhanced control for food businesses that require a high level of protection against flying insects. Rentokil's fly control unit uses a unique encapsulation technology which reduces the risk of food contamination from flying insects, as dead insects are encapsulated within an adhesive film. This prevents the fragmentation (blow out) of dead insects associated with more traditional electric grid fly zappers. Also, as dead flies are encapsulated there is a reduced risk of secondary pest infestations occurring. Rentokil's Luminos 3 Plus unit has a variable encapsulation speed, allowing the unit to wind on more frequently to encapsulate more insects in peak fly seasons.

Mark goes on to say; “The Finch’s Arms has never had a pest problem, and I can honestly say that since we installed the Luminos 3 Plus fly control unitI've not noticed one fly in my kitchen. The Rentokil technician comes to site on a quarterly basis to replace the sticky film and rear glue board, which gives me peace of mind knowing that the unit is always efficiently working in the background, protecting against any unwanted insect visitors, allowing me and my kitchen staff to carry on producing excellent food for our customers”.

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